A lot of people expertise again pain and sciatic nerve pain. Again pain is fairly self-explanatory and approximately 80% of all individuals will expertise one of these pain of their lives. Sciatic nerve ache, however, is usually confused with back pain but is a special story altogether.

The sciatic nerves are the most important nerves within the human system, and there’s one on either aspect of the body. They run from the lower spine (which is why they get confused with decrease back ache) down via the backside, the thighs and back of the legs, and right down to the ideas of the toes.

Back ache and sciatic nerve ache – recognized simply as sciatica – may cause numerous discomfort and should even affect your high quality of life. This ache might forestall you from doing everyday duties, scale back constructive considering, and be a hindrance basically. Worse still, numerous individuals around the globe cope with this every single day and don’t know the right way to handle it!

But what if I informed you that there was one very simple and straightforward trick to preventing this sort of ache, and all it takes is a reasonable item that you simply may have already got in your home? Right here’s tips on how to stop sciatic nerve pain and again ache with only a tennis ball – in addition to ache in several areas of the body!



Is your again feeling somewhat sore? This is possible the preferred use for tennis balls in terms of pain aid, so you could have heard of this trick before. Here’s find out how to do it.

Step 1: You’ll need two tennis balls.

Step 2: Lie in your again on the balls. Position them so that they lie between your tailbone and your ribs.

Step 3: Shift your pelvis forwards and backwards or aspect to aspect, allowing the balls to slowly transfer via the decrease again with ease. Breathe deeply as you achieve this.

Step 4: Continue to do this for around 5 minutes.


It’s commonplace to really feel ache in the arms that may be relieved with a tennis ball. Often, you are feeling this discomfort in your palms, fingers, or flexor muscular tissues, sometimes manifesting as a kind of pressure. Here’s easy methods to ease it.

Step 1: Place the affected hand on prime of a tennis ball.

Step 2: Place the other hand over the affected hand. This can present extra strain.

Step 3: Press down towards the ball together with your entire physique weight, pressing into it and maintaining it regular. Keep for 60 seconds.

Step 4: Now, nonetheless making use of some strain, move the ball around your hand in up-and-down motions. Proceed for round 3 minutes.

3.    HIP PAIN

There’s quite a lot of sciatica that can happen across the hip areas. Sometimes, although, hip pain happens as a consequence of muscle rigidity occurring in muscle tissue resembling:

Gluteus Maximus (hip extensor muscle)

Medius (thick radiating muscle)


These muscle mass can develop pressure and tightness that leads to discomfort and problem when walking or shifting. You need to use a tennis ball to stop this, too; here’s how.

Step 1: Lie down on your aspect with the tennis ball beneath the muscle causing you grief.

Step 2: Slowly rotate your hips, making sluggish and delicate circles. Do that around 12 occasions for 12 circles.

Step 3: Repeat this course of again, this time mendacity on your different aspect.

four.    NECK STRAIN

Neck ache and soreness typically accompany back ache – particularly should you’ve spent the day working at an office. You may find that your neck feels tight and tense, and it may be troublesome to stretch the neck in a constructive method in the identical method that you simply’d carry out stretches for other elements of the body. Here’s how one can ease the strain with a tennis ball.

Step 1: Lie on your on the floor.

Step 2: Place two tennis balls beneath your head. Place them slightly below the bottom of the skull.

Step 3: Transfer your head in a nodding motion, upwards and downwards. Do this for one minute.

Step four: Transfer your head in a shaking motion, aspect to aspect. Do that for one minute.


Chest tightness, also called a compressed chest, can feel very uncomfortable. Whereas it’s not essentially again ache or sciatica, it falls beneath the identical class and may also be helped along with the assistance of a tennis ball. Here’s how to take action.

Step 1: Stand dealing with a wall or a door.

Step 2: Take a tennis ball. Gently place it simply beneath the clavicle, in the midst of your chest.

Step 3: Press the ball towards your chest towards the wall or door, respiration deeply all the time.

Step 4: If needed, shift the ball round. Move it from proper to left or from right down to up, or some other means wanted.

Step 5: Do this for a few minute.

A compressed chest could be troublesome and cause problems with nervous and respiratory perform.


There are many causes for a knee cramp, aside from sciatica. Fortunately, it’s straightforward to scale back this discomfort; actually, you can do it sitting down! Right here’s methods to go about it.

Step 1: Sit on a chair together with your knees bent.

Step 2: Place a tennis ball behind the knee, close to the aspect. Hold it there together with your bent leg.

Step 3: Squeeze down on the tennis ball 10 occasions by contracting your leg muscle mass in the area. Then pause and loosen up the muscle tissue there again, also for 10 occasions.

Step four: Repeat all the things on the other knee.


It’s commonplace for again ache to return with shoulder pressure, too. This happens sometimes whenever you carry out plenty of bodily labor. For instance, you may need lifted loads of heavy gadgets, or shoveled dust or snow, leaving you with shoulders that feel tense and stiff. Right here’s what to do.

Step 1: Lie on the ground, flat on your back.

Step 2: Put a tennis ball underneath your again. Position it between your shoulder blades.

Step three: Use your shoulders to roll the tennis ball round.


Because sciatica impacts such a large space of the body, even your thighs can really feel the burn or strain when your sciatic nerves are shot. Right here’s the best way to use a tennis ball to alleviate that pain.

Step 1: Sit down on a chair.

Step 2: Take two tennis balls; put them on the surface space of your thigh.

Step three: Utilizing your knee, bend and straighten your leg repeatedly as your thighs move in a horizontal manner. Do that up to 30 occasions.

Step 4: The earlier step allows the ball to slowly roll all through the edges of the thighs.
Step 5: Repeat the process on the opposite thigh.


Plantar Fasciitis, which is a capturing pain that radiates around your heels because of tissue irritation, might be extremely painful and very troublesome to ignore. Although it sometimes happens in the morning, it may well crop up on account of weight problems, jobs that involve a variety of standing or walking, and even some sorts of exercise.

On prime of that, there are numerous forms of foot soreness which will happen because of sciatica, as that condition impacts even your ft and toes. As such, many varieties of foot pain are types of sciatic nerve pain. This will happen on account of dangerous footwear or long durations of standing. Worse nonetheless, Plantar Fasciitis and foot ache can contribute to pain in the higher again!

Right here’s how you can use a tennis ball to cease this type of pain.

Step 1: Stand with one foot on a tennis ball. You can begin with either foot.

Step 2: Place the ball so it’s slightly below your heel.

Step 3: Press down; roll the tennis ball upwards and back downwards alongside the length of your food.

Step 4: Repeat this process together with your other foot.


Dangerous posture that has been happening for a while could be troublesome to repair. Your physique might routinely curve into that place or might feel pain when not in that posture. Unfortunately, posture that is less than constructive comes with a number of nasty uncomfortable side effects that may hurt your health, reminiscent of:

Dangerous circulation

High blood pressure

Jaw ache

Larger stress ranges

Digestive points

Decreased constructive considering


Exhaustion and fatigue

Restriction of respiration

Lowered motivation

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Sleeping problem

Different forms of back and shoulder pain

Luckily, you’ll be able to start engaged on dangerous posture with a simple tennis ball! Here’s how.

Step 1: Lie on the ground, flat in your back.

Step 2: Take two tennis balls and put them beneath your upper back, along the edges. One ball ought to be on both sides.

Step 3: Put your palms behind your head; then push your head off the bottom.

Step four: Transfer your head so your chin nears your chest.

Step 5: Raise your hips upwards. Carry them as far as offers a mild rigidity.

Step 6: Breathe deeply 3 times as you progress. The balls beneath you need to roll upwards and downwards throughout the higher region of your again.


There are numerous types of pure remedy that may help ease again and sciatic nerve pain, and utilizing a tennis ball is one in every of them. It’s convenient to make use of this constructive technique and really straightforward to do; it helps relieve current ache and in addition forestall future pain.

Better but, there are numerous individuals who swear by this tennis ball trick. Individuals discover themselves feeling a lot better after just some periods with this seemingly simple item. No marvel it has turn into such a huge hit!

Naturally, there are various other choices you’ll be able to choose from. Yoga, chiropractic care, massages, pilates, and regular exercise can all help ease this pain. Plus, consuming extra water, maintaining a great posture, consuming properly, stopping smoking, and even getting good sleep can all help forestall the onset of again pain and sciatica.

Don’t be afraid to attempt a mixture of totally different methods to seek out what works greatest for you. In case you’ve been using the tennis ball technique, other strategies, or a mixture of them all and also you’re still coping with dangerous ache, speak to your physician about your options.

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